Score4Sales is an Innovative Self-Managed Planning, Learning and development App. It acts as a guidance for Business Winners by providing ideas at each of the 4 stages of the sales cycle. Each stage has suggested steps and coaching notes – which you can customise for your business. Easy to use with innovative graphics to prompt the user at each stage. Score4Sales works as an independent coaching programme and also can be used with Revenue4Cast to improve performance and personal development.


Benefits of Score4Sales

  • Customise your own Coaching notes with tips and hints to suit your business culture and sectors.
  • Unique connection between sales coaching & real life opportunity management - Make a Plan – Review results & Progress – Plan next action
  • Easy to use with innovative graphics shows progress for each opportunity.
  • This complements our Revenue4Cast app in providing the Business Users with framework to achieve their targets


Advantages of Score4Sales

  • Guidance for the Business Winners at each stage of the cycle
  • Measure progress on your prioritised HVOs
  • Customised for your business - self-managed learning and development programme
  • Innovative and motivational Team training and development


Collaborative teams deliver the Revenue Forecast

  • Collaborative team developments encourage teams to work well together by having a shared purpose and shared values
  • Revenue4Cast creates an Ideal environment for Collaborative team working by Sharing information and having a common purpose
  • Score4Sales provides training and development to help individuals and teams to deliver their planned results
  • Providing visibility encourages each team to contribute to the shared objectives
  • Revenue4Cast and Score4Sales are designed to help deliver your Forecasting & Team development plan.

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