Revenue4Cast is a performance management systems which identifies & tracks future revenue values of High Value Opportunities (HVO) / Projects in your business. Everyone needs to forecast. R4C provides the management team with visibility of future business revenues and focus on prioritising opportunities for conversion. R4C is built directly on to the opportunity / project page within your SFDC Org. No need to go searching – it is all in one place for you.


Key Features

  • Identifies projects at each of the 4 phases/stages of the sales cycle.
  • Identifies current projects, new projects and live projects
  • Identifies projects by values & numbers by each business unit or teams
  • Better forecasting with Revenue Start and End dates
  • Compare Actuals, Budgets and Targets with live and existing projects
  • Tracks up to Six revenue streams

All of this automatically updates and generates your Forecasting charts and Monthly reports – No extra work


Advantages of Using R4C

  • R4C provides the leadership team with clear visibility of the business
  • Providing a reliable future revenue forecast with more certainty
  • Identifying future revenue gaps – reduces surprises
  • Creates a credible evidence based revenue forecast
  • Identifies & Track your opportunities, Existing, Live and New opportunities @ each stage of business cycle
  • Prioritise opportunities based on Probability chance of conversion
  • Identifies how to support and direct the Business Winners team
  • Directly helps to influence future revenues results


  • Recognising individual and team achievements & efforts
  • Easy to provide evidence of current and future opportunities
  • Agree targets and performance levels
  • Demonstrates progress from leads to opportunities
  • Provide evidence of opportunities quotes to results
  • Demonstrates the effort of the team to manage their portfolio
  • Identifies delays and time lags from support team
  • Easy to input details of revenue on the opportunity/Project page
  • Self-generating monthly reports & charts
  • Easily managed data all found on the same salesforce page

For more detail Contact - UK Office - +44 (0) 1953 601515 - India Office - +91 98841 11908